The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco as seen from Russian Hill
San Francisco

Trains from San Francisco to Oakland are a quick and easy way to get from one major Bay Area city to the other when you are visiting the USA.

The train service that runs between the cities is called the Bay Area Rapid Transit, or BART. BART trains depart from multiple underground stations throughout downtown San Francisco and arrive at a number of locations in Oakland. You can also take BART trains from San Francisco to Oakland Airport if your flight departs from there.

There are several different BART lines that run from San Francisco to Oakland. Depending on your final destination, you will want to take a Fremont train, a Pittsburg/Bay Point train, or a Dublin/Pleasonton train. There are maps online and in the stations to help you determine which line to take.

Tickets for trains from San Francisco to Oakland vary in price depending on which station you depart from and which one you arrive at. For example, if you travel from Embarcadero Station to 12th Street Oakland City Center Station, a ticket costs $3.10 one-way. The journey time on this route is 10 minutes.