Trains OHare Airport Chicago
Chicago Airport Train

Trains from O’Hare Airport to Chicago are a great way to get from your flight to the downtown area quickly and inexpensively.

Trains that operate on this route are run by the CTA. The Blue Line starts at O’Hare Airport and runs to Forest Park, stopping at a number of stations in downtown Chicago along the way.

Most of the stations have connections to buses or other train lines to help you continue your journey until you reach your final destination in Chicago.

Trains from O’Hare Airport to Chicago operate 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Trains run every 4 minutes at peak times, and every 10 minutes at off-peak times.

Tickets cost $2.00 each way. If you purchase a farecard, you can transfer to another CTA line free of charge.

The travel time on trains from O’Hare Airport to Chicago is around 45 minutes, depending on your final destination in downtown Chicago.