Sign for the Air Train in JFK Airport
Air Train

Trains from JFK Airport to Manhattan are a convenient and inexpensive way to get from your flight’s arrival gate to New York City. The process is a simple one that you can complete in two steps.

The first step is to follow signs in JFK Airport to the AirTrain once your flight has landed. When you arrive at the AirTrain platform, board a train to Jamaica station. You do not need to buy a ticket before you get on the train, as ticket machines are located at Jamaica station.

After you alight at Jamaica, you will start with the second step of taking the train from JFK Airport to Manhattan. Pay $5 for the AirTrain when you arrive at the station, and purchase a ticket for the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR). This will be your next mode of transportation to Manhattan.

The cost of a ticket for the the LIRR is $8 for adults at peak times, and $6.75 at off-peak times. Discounts are available for children and seniors. Cash and credit cards are both accepted at the ticket machines.

The Long Island Rail Road train to Manhattan will take you from Jamaica station all the way to Penn Station in midtown Manhattan. From there you can connect to subway lines A, C, and E, as well as buses, taxis, and other modes of transport to get to your final destination in New York City.

The total journey time on trains from JFK Airport to Manhattan is around 50 minutes, with the AirTrain taking 15 minutes and the LIRR taking 35 minutes. The travel time can be longer depending on how long you have to wait for the trains to arrive and at which terminal you board the AirTrain.