Trains Dallas Airport
Dallas Airport Train

Trains to Dallas Airport (DFW) are called Trinity Railway Express trains. Locals call the trains the “TRE”. The trains run every day except Sundays and federal holidays.

To take a train to Dallas Airport, you should start by going to Union Station in downtown Dallas. The TRE departs from there, and takes 30 minutes to reach CentrePort Station.

Make sure to buy a ticket from the machines on the platform before boarding, as ticket checkers board trains frequently. Tickets cost $3.50.

Once you arrive at CentrePort Station you can take a Dallas Airport shuttle bus to Remote South Parking at DFW. Once at the parking lot bus station, transfer to a second shuttle bus to the airport terminals at DFW. Both shuttles run every 15 minutes and are free of charge.

The total bus travel time should take 30 minutes or less at peak times, including the connection.

In total, it will take around an hour and a half to take the train from Dallas to the airport, including the bus connections. Make sure to leave yourself extra time in case there are delays en route.