San Francisco

Taxis from San Francisco airport to San Francisco leave from the taxi rank outside of the arrivals halls.

A taxi from San Francisco airport to the city center will cost $50 to 70 depending on where your final destination in the city is.

Because the airport is located south of San Francisco, destinations in the southern part of San Francisco will cost less than destinations in the northern part of San Francisco. Prices between the northern and southern parts of the city can vary by around $20 to $25.

Taxis in San Francisco come in all colors and are run by multiple companies, so don’t worry about finding an official airport taxi at San Francisco airport. As long as the taxi has a sign and a meter and is run by an official company, you’re fine.

Be aware that traffic on the highways from San Francisco airport to to San Francisco can be very bad in the morning and evening rush hour periods.

If your flight arrives between 7 and 9am or between 5pm and 8pm, consider taking the BART train into the city and then taking a taxi, bus, or walking to your final destination.