Napa Valley Winery Tours

Napa Valley Winery Tours
Napa Valley Winery Tour

Napa Valley winery tours are a great way to experience some of the best wineries in California. Winery tours can be arranged through tour operators, limousine companies, or independently.

Napa Valley winery tour companies operate bus and van tours that take visitors to several wineries, usually with a break for lunch in the middle of the day. Some wineries don’t allow buses or tours, so organized winery tours usually take people to the larger, more well-known wineries in the Napa Valley.

Limousine companies are a good way to take a private Napa Valley winery tour. Large limos or smaller cars with drivers can be rented for a day to take couples, friends, or groups wine tasting in Napa Valley. With this option, you can either choose the wineries yourself or let the driver take you to the places that he or she knows.

Independent Napa Valley winery tours allow people the most freedom and flexibility, but also restrict the amount of wine the driver can taste. If you choose to do an independent winery tour in Napa, try visiting smaller vineyards in addition to the large, famous ones. Some boutique wineries require reservations, so make sure to call in advance.

Trains from Chicago to O’Hare Airport


Trains from Chicago to O’Hare Airport are a great way to get from the downtown to your flight.

Chicago airport trains are run by the CTA. The Blue Line starts at Forest Park and runs to Chicago O’Hare Airport, stopping at stations in downtown Chicago en route. Most stations on the Blue Line can be reached via connections from other train lines or buses.

Trains from Chicago to O’Hare Airport operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Trains depart every 4 minutes at peak times, and every 10 minutes at other times.

Ticket fares are $2.00 one-way. If you buy a farecard, you can transfer from other CTA lines for free.

The journey time on trains from Chicago to O’Hare Airport is around 45 minutes, depending on where you board the train in downtown Chicago.